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About us – who we are

Who is behind Tradeciety? Meet Rolf and Moritz

Trading, traveling the world and enjoying life


I am a pure reversal and mean reversion trader with a passion for statistics, math and financial data modeling – I just love the nerd stuff 😉 My trading approach is heavily statistics based and I apply a lot of mathematical principles to my risk and money management as well. Numbers don’t lie…

I trade fully discretionary and I have modeled my own personal trading strategy over the years. I am obsessed when it comes to analyzing my trades and making tweaks to improve my trading. My edge lies in understanding when sentiment shifts and identifying high probability mean reversion scenarios. I started trading 8/9 years ago, mostly Forex but I venture out into commodities and indexes from time to time.

I am also a globetrotter and I started traveling around the world 4 years ago. Most of the time you’ll find me in South East Asia or somewhere strolling around Europe. My passion for trading and finance, writing and creating things lead us to open Tradeciety where we share everything trading related.

My Story: The Day I Started Traveling The World

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I started betting money on stuff almost a decade ago and can’t say I would love doing anything else more with my life. When I see an edge, I hop in. Before discovering my love for the markets, I played professional Poker and had a brief 2-year stint at Audi China as a project manager (don’t know how that happened). My trading is a mix of short- and long-term trading. I do only follow the trend and that strictly technical.

My love for statistics, numbers, and contrarian thinking are the strongest traits I bring to this game. Additionally armed with a Philosophy MA, what could possibly go wrong?

I’m also a sports fanatic (MMA) and a strong believer in the concept of healthy body, healthy mind. A powerful workout routine will boost your performance in the markets more than you might think.

After traveling for quite a bit, I now settled down in Hong Kong and am focusing on pushing the boundaries of my trading and the businesses we are involved in.

When not working like a mad man, you can find me enjoying life at beaches and cities throughout the world, or banging my head to someone shredding the guitars.

My Story: From Poker To Cubicle To Trading To Traveling The World

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Our other passion project

On our quest for a better trading edge, we also created Edgewonk.com where we combine our years of experience trading the markets, with our passion for trade journaling. Our goal is to build the ultimate trading journal that helps traders find their edge, while enjoying the process.


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