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Guest Post Guidelines

Do you want to publish your articles on Tradeciety.com and get them in front of over 90,000 traders each month? Perfect, we look forward to hearing from you!

The guidelines save you time and increase the chances that your article will be published quickly.

General Requirements:

  • The content on Tradeciety is meant to be genuinely helpful and of educative nature. We offer transparent and informative tips around trading, psychology and alike.
  • We only accept articles from people who have experience in trading, or trading related fields.
  • We do not accept articles that promote a trading product or a paid service.
  • No Binary options related articles.
  • You should provide hands-on advice and executable ideas for our readers. Articles should include screenshots for better understanding.
  • The article cannot be published anywhere else, but on Tradeciety.com and has to be unique.


Article Specific Guidelines:

  • Before submitting a full article, provide a title, your general idea behind the article and bullet points that show the structure of your article
  • The tone of the article should be casual, but not too informal
  • The complete article should have between 700 and 1200 words.
  • Use bullet points throughout the article and keep your paragraphs reasonably short
  • Include an opening paragraph where you describe the topic and the problem of the article and close with a conclusion that sums up the article to make the information easily digestible
  • You can include 1 backlink to your site – the site has to be trading related


Topics we are looking for:

Generally, we are looking for all kinds of trading related articles, especially technical analysis, trade management tips, order placement, the discussion of indicators and how to use them effectively, making sense out of charts, charts and market analysis and the psychological site of trading. Basically, everything that would interest a trader 🙂


Are you ready to send us your draft?

  • Introduce yourself, include your website if applicable
  • Include previous work
  • A list of potential titles or ideas
  • An outline of the article you want us to publish


We offer:

  • 90,000 unique visitors and over 160,000 pageviews monthly on tradeciety.com
  • Over 21,000 follower across Twitter and Facebook
  • A great image and a loyal audience
  • Great SEO value; your article will stay on our site forever


Get in touch with us through our contact form or send us an email (Rolf@Tradeciety.com) directly.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. hey whats up? which stock anf orex broker is best for me? What is your favorite stock and forex market analytical/technical/screening software that you use? and why?

  2. Hello,
    I have been trading for last 6 months but without much progress.
    How do I learn from you…..is there any classes….seminars or compressive learning offer you.


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