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The Case For Going Full Time

This is gonna be a personal post. Put on “1944” by Audrey Fall or “Lightning & Snow” by Woods Of Ypres or whatever gets you going…

Every time I boarded a plane, I was horrified. I couldn’t sleep a minute, I didn’t want to eat. All I could think about was “what if the plane crashes, I die, and then all I have to show up for after 25 years on this earth is a mediocre machine-like life?”. I realized, that 25% or even more of my life had passed and I wasn’t satisfied with it, AT ALL. I mean, I had a pretty cool youth filled with drugs, girls, parties, video games and playing in Heavy Metal bands and I topped that off with a nice Poker career, but now I was stuck in a day job. All I could think about was that if I died right now, I would probably die as an unfulfilled, sad, useless person.

Flying was pure horror for me (even though flying is statistically the safest mode of travel, talk about thinking in probabilities). There were so many things I never tried, so many places I never had the chance to visit. So many cuisines I wanted to taste, so many cultures I wanted to experience. But there I was, with a low-end salary and 15 days of vacation a year. I thought to myself that I was probably never going to see Machu Picchu, I would never chill in Okinawa for a period of 6 months or longer and rest my soul as I watched the tide come and go, I would never dance with the beautiful women of Colombia or have intellectually stimulating conversations with people from all around the globe. And probably I wouldn’t even have time to read all the books of all the people I admired so much. It really was hell.

Basically, I had two choices, break out or wither and die a silent death. This is what it really boiled down to in the end. I knew this was the truth. When I told this to my friends and family they looked at me as if I was mad, they never understood me – after all, I had a secure job with tons of career options. But FUCK no, this was never what I wanted. I wouldn’t silently accept the slaughter of my soul as so many others did and do.

One night, while lying awake as so many nights before, I finally made the decision to do everything in my power to live my life to the fullest, and it changed everything. I would spend every single second I had on making this thing called trading work. And on the side, I would establish other income streams. I would live a location-independent lifestyle. I would live wherever I wanted to live, whenever and how long I wanted to, work with whomever I wanted to work and tell everyone who was obstructing my dreams to shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of my life. I was going to see the world, I was going to live life my way as good old Sinatra put it so poetically and no challenge, no obstacle, no nothing was ever going to be big enough to keep me from doing so. Fuck. Them. All. Or Kill’Em All, in Metallica’s words.

Especially in times like these, where humanity is basically heading for oblivion or redemption, this choice is more obvious than ever. The generation of our children is either not going to exist due to a nuclear fallout or it will find itself in a job market that is dominated by machines and AI’s, and if they are lucky they will receive a basic income and will thus be able to derive their self-value from something else than their jobs or the size of their bank accounts.

The time to act is now. And I am by no means saying that you should quit your job tomorrow and try to live on a $500 trading account. But you should definitely take your chances. Save up as much money as you can, make a plan, assess your trading capability and then take the leap of faith. Just do it. Stop hesitating, stop saying “tomorrow”, stop making up excuses. You CAN do it. Make sure you have enough savings to survive for a year or two, and a big enough trading account so you don’t put pressure on yourself, and then just do it. It really is that “easy”. Even if you are not yet profitable, I really encourage you to try it out and give it your best shot for 12 months. What is money, what is a “hole” of one year in your CV? You don’t live for your CV, do you? Screw that.

You can always go back to your old career if you don’t make it in those 12-24 months. Then assess what went wrong, save up more money, and do it again. But at least fucking TRY. Sorry, lots of f-bombs in this article, but it is really a matter that is close to my heart. Rolf and I are going to go on a world tour soon, seeing all the places we always wanted to see over the span of a few months or years, living live by our own standards, NOT by the standards of other people/society/rules/WHATEVER. We are really living our dream and I have to remind myself often of that very fact because it all came so fast and “easy” once I took the leap of faith.


Our plans for the next 2017 + 2018 around the world trip: South Korea ➡️ Japan ➡️ China ➡️ Spain ➡️ Brazil ➡️ Argentina ➡️ Peru ➡️ Colombia ➡️ Mexico ➡️ US ➡️ Canada ➡️ Hawaii ➡️ New Zealand ➡️ Turkey ➡️ Germany


Don’t get me wrong, it was a long and painful journey to get to that point but once you really commit yourself to it and give it your everything, chances of it happening are incredibly high and you will meet lots of awesome people along the way that will actually help you MAKE it happen instead of getting in your way. And it will all have been worth it, no matter the outcome.

You will lose friends, you will lose yourself and you will lose loved ones, maybe even family, but eventually you will come out on top and live the life you always wanted to live, whatever that may be. And don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot do it. Going full time was the best choice I ever made and life has been a constant up since then. I can feel myself, I AM alive. Before, I was just a zombie. Useless, redundant flesh. Now I am just me, the way it should be. I live by the sword, and I die by the sword. And I sleep like a baby on planes. Should I go out in a blaze of glory, I gave it my all. This is inner peace, this is freedom, this is happiness. And this is all one could ever ask for.

Take the leap of faith my friends, you won’t regret it – you will be an experience richer and a few dollars poorer, or an experience richer and a few dollars richer. What’s there to lose? PS, if you want my help or Rolf’s help on your path, check out our Tradeciety Trading Classes – I can say so here with a good conscience as we really pour our heart and soul into our community and we want to see as many of you succeed as possible – for egoistic reasons. It gives me a kick when my students become successful. Nice ego boost. I am not selfless, never claimed to be. Love & peace.

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  1. Love it 😀 You pretty much described my thought process for the past 6 months. It’s exactly why I decided to go full time a month ago. Will start travelling the world in two months too, maybe we can meet in some places. Have a kick-ass world tour mate, enjoy the life you worked so hard for!

  2. As a fellow world traveler I completely agree with this post. I’m in the process of building up my savings account in order to take the leap. Thanks for the extra inspiration and if you get a chance to come to Argentina don’t miss the Iquazu falls, they’re are pure energy.

    PS. As I was reading this article the CAD inflation data posted and I was in all profit. Have a great weekend and thanks for all of the stoke!


    • Making a nice profit before the weekend is always a nice feeling to have :). I always wanted to go to Argentina, if only for the beef I will get there, so thank you for the tip Joe!

  3. Hi Moritz and hi everybody else seeing this post,

    I want to thank you so much Moritz. To be honest I really found this from the bottom of your heart and felt the words. Awesome.

    I have been trading for almost 2 years but not professionally. I bumped into your website months ago, and followed your post. I just subscribed for the private forum and following the lessons.

    I really needed a mentor. Thanks alot

    I hope I can also work my things out and make it to the place I want..

    • Hi Mohamad,

      awesome mate welcome to our Pro classes! 2 years of experience are great. Be patient, be diligent, and you will see a light at the end of the tunnel. See you in the forums!


  4. Another wery well written post, Moritz, congrats. You should write more and often. Not necessarily always about trading. 🙂

  5. Hi guys, I really enjoy your posts and wish you the best for your trip. Give us a call when you get to NZ and I could show you the sights!!

  6. I kept reading your story here on tradeciety until I had the strength to quit my 8 to 7 job. Still serving the notice period, will be a full time trader from April’17 and also will practice my profession. Articles here have helped improve my trading, found out what I was doing wrong. Thanku Rolf & Moritz.

    • Harsh, great honor that my thoughts have such an impact on your life and that you trust us so well. Give it your everything, and text us whenever you need advice.

  7. I have done prop desk trading for a company nearly a year and come out to be a full time trader on my own a year too. But I didn’t have any regrets for doing it as it was always my dream to become a full time trader. Although not much people understand what we are doing and don’t appreciate our effort, but still I have no regrets. Btw, I have been looking though most of the articles you guys are sharing in the sites, I found it very useful to me to fine tune my strategy and my discipline. Thanks for all the sharing.

    • Hi Wilson,

      nice that even former prop traders find value here :). Yes, our job is socially not very well-accepted, but who gives a shit..what is society/government anyway, an artificial construct made up by humanity. Not very useful most of the time other than providing services through taxation.


  8. Moritz,hello! Very good article! It is a lot of useful thoughts. When I began to read your website, I improved trade. It is a lot of new and useful I learn. Thanks for your work, continue also further! Good luck to you!

  9. Hi Moritz,
    What an awesome post !! You described my mind and my life in so many ways. Music, video games, parties, girls, etc. Then, just the job and the years we spend doing that. It’s so easy to just accept that go with what most people do. I’ve done it for far too many years. I never about trading as being something that i could pursue. A couple yeats ago, i was lucky to meet someone that opened my eyes and mind to the possibilities that existed. I’ve spent the last year trying to learn as much as i can and you and Rolf have been a tremendous help. I’m learning to trade the futures market, but i’m sure your courses will be very beneficial and informative in many ways and i look forward to it. Trading has already become a very exciting journey. Your website is great and the personal knowledge and experiences you both share is truly appreciated. Thank you both so much for everything and many happy travels.

    • P.S.
      I’ve always been a heavy metal music fan. What instruments did you play ? Who are your favorite bands ? Many of my favorite metal bands come from Europe. I was lucky enough to see Rammstein a few years ago when they did a US tour. Great live show.

      • Guitar and vocals, my first and all-time love is Metallica (since I was 6 years old), other than that Amon Amarth until VS The World, In Flames, Parkway Drive, Warbringer, Kataklysm..stuff like that. Rammstein is very powerful live haha indeed! Loved it!

    • Hey John,

      awesome man!! So good to hear. Our strategies are very applicable to the Futures markets, I trade my daytrading strategy with Futures as well, actually, so all good on that matter. Looking forward to working with you 🙂


  10. Thanks Moritz, enjoyed as always.

    The million dollar question is how much money is needed in that trading account to make the leap 🙂

    Am I mad for considering this with a $7,000 account? Would hope to have other money to pay the bills for 18 months, and grow that 7k so that I can live from earnings after that 18 months…

    • Gavin,

      thank you! Well, it depends on your costs of living. Your trading account should be around 4-5 times bigger than what you expect to make per year, that is a realistic approach in my opinion. I know traders (including me) that did it with much less but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone because I knew the risks, but most people don’t.


      • Realistically I’d be happy to make nothing in the first year (i.e. breakeven) so in that case 0 x 4 = 0 and I’m all done saving!

        Thanks for your reply Moritz, I totally appreciate you couldn’t recommend doing it on anything less than ‘very well capitalised’.

        I’d like to think I know the risk, but I guess this puts me somewhere between this post on going full time and the ‘Trading can’t solve your problems’ one you did last year.

        The world tour looks amazing, happy for you both but I selfishly hope these kinds of posts continue!

        • Hi Gavin,

          yes you should always consider a 50% chance at least that your first year will be a loser or a break-even year. Yes, of course we will continue the posts, and we will also have some funky travel VLOGS and other nasty stuff for you guys ;). Wish you all the best for going fulltime, hope you can make it bro. It’s the journey of a lifetime.

  11. Hey moritz I like your energy and the fact that we have a similar history (poker) and similar values (freedom, adventure etc.). The article is great and I enjoyed reading it. But perhaps in the near future its an idea to give tangible no BS examples of either yourselves and/or students who took the leap.

    Things like, what kind of bankroll do you need, keeping necessities within reasonable range, what should your RRR ratios be, avg profits etc etc.

    Also, what is your take on combining trading with another activity? For example, right now I really enjoy my work (self employed) but would likely at some point eanna combine building a business with FX in the mornings/evenings. What are your thoughts and experiences with regards to combining trading with another business related activity?

    All the best

    • Hey Jimmy,

      thanks buddy! Take a look at my other articles for practical advice. We provide both philosophical/psychological and practical, as both are equally important :).

      We also run the company that stands behind the professional trading journal http://www.edgewonk.com which is basically another business related activity. It works well, you just have to be able to efficiently organize yourself and not let your trading results demotivate you in other businesses during bad months. It is very doable.


  12. Hey Moritz,

    I spend a lot of time reading and watching your and Rolf material. This is one of my favorite posts of yours by far. I mean as I was reading this post it was like you were reading my thoughts into existence. Such a powerful post. I really appreciate what you two have put together for the world to see, its awesome and brings value to our world of trading. I’m working this skill day in and day out so that one day I may also follow in your footsteps.

    If I’m not mistaken Moritz, do you day trade futures and swing trade forex? I have been looking to move into futures because I find it easier to sit down and concentrate for 2-5 hours instead of waiting that time for the swing.

    Thank you for it all
    Landy Phillips

    • Hi Landy,

      thank you for the awesome feedback buddy! I daytrade Futures and Forex, and swing trade Forex, yes. I love the Futures markets, I trade the same strategy there as on Forex, but on tickcharts rather than M5 charts. Also thinking about moving down to M1 charts on Forex, as they resemble Tickcharts more. If you want to switch, take a look at eMini Nasdaq, my bread and butter market :).


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