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Trading Basics

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Trading with a 9-5 job

Tips and ways to combine trading and a 9 – 5 job.


Basics of chart reading

Understanding price charts and what they tell you for beginners.


How to choose a good broker

There are major differences between good and bad brokers. This is what to look for in a good broker.


The perfect trading routine

See how to arrange your trading station and manage your day as a trader.


How to analyze a price chart

Tools and concepts used to make sense of price movements.


Demo vs. Live-trading

When should you trade demo and when is it time to trade live? The pros and cons.


Full-time trading 101

Maybe you don’t really want to be a full-time trader after all. See what full-time trading is all about.


Basics of Risk Management

Traders are risk managers. Get your introduction to the basic risk management principles.


Different trading styles

Introducing the different trading styles and the requirements for traders.


40 Trading enlightenments

40 trading enlightenments that struck me over the years.


What you can control as a trader

Traders often see themselves as victims without control. Read why this is wrong.


Trading skills needed

Trading profitably requires a certain set of skills and character trades.


Understand your trading platform

The first look at a trading platform can be intimidating. We walk you through the interface.


How to know the direction of a trend

Price spends a lot of time trending. Those are the tools and concepts to read trends.


Different trading timeframes

There are major differences between good and bad brokers. This is what to look for in a good broker.


 Tips from 12 professional traders

We asked 12 traders what they wish they had known at the beginning of their trading career.


How to know the strength of a trend

Reading the strength of a trend is important to make the right assumptions about price action.


The 5 stages traders goes through

On the way to profitable trading, most traders go through the same 5 phases.


When not to trade

Knowing when not to trade is just as important as knowing when the pull the trigger.


4 tips for better performance

Techniques that help traders become elite performers while avoiding common problems.

Trade what you see

Trade what you see is often a hollow phrase. What does it really mean?


If you want a million Dollars, don’t focus on the $$$

If you want to realize your dream of trading full time, don’t chase the money, but do this instead.


The secret ingredient to profitable trading

Very specific and actionable tips that will help you develop a better trading approach.


13 professional traders about emotions

We asked 13 traders how they deal with emotions in their daily trading.


Lessons from a professional gambler

A professional poker player’s tips on how to deal with emotions.

Psychological biases I

Biases are shortcuts that control our decisions and actions. Part I.


FOMO – fear of missing out

Being scared to miss trades is an important factor. See how to handle the pressure.

Psychological biases II

Biases are shortcuts that control our decisions and actions. Part II.


Pro trader mindset

What separates the professional from the amateur trader?


Price Action

Divergences guide

Divergences happen all the time. What is a “good” divergence and what do they tell you.


Trendlines 101

How to draw trendlines correctly, how they explain price action and how to trade them.


Moving Averages guide

Our guide to moving averages explains the different types and when to use them.


Trading triangles

Triangles are a chart formation that appears frequently. See how to read and interpret triangle patterns.


RSI (Relative Strength Index)

The RSI is a trend strength and momentum indicator.

Using the line graph

Benefits of using the line graph and how to keep things simple.


Bollinger Bands guide

Bollinger Bands analyze volatility. But they can also be a trend strength tool.


Candlestick guide

All candlesticks consist of 5 different elements. Learn how to read candlesticks.

ADX trend indicator

The ADX is the most commonly used trend strength indicator. See how it helps you evaluate price movements.

Bull trap

How to trade the bull trap against losing traders.



The MACD is a momentum indicator. We walk you through some chart scenarios step by step.


Decoding chart patterns

Stop remembering random chart patterns and learn to read the clues price provides.



We explain how it really works and why most traders get it wrong.

How to draw support and resistance levels

The concept of support and resistance zones is not well known but can help your trading.


The ATR volatility indicator

The ATR is a volatility indicator that can also be used for stop and take profit placement.

Fibonacci trading

See how to use Fibonacci retracements and extensions for your trading.


Ichimoku indicator

Our complete step by step guide to using the Ichimoku indicator.


General Money Mgmt.

Stop Loss Orders

Better risk management

Don’t make the most common risk management mistakes which cost traders a lot of money.


6 ways to set a stop loss order

Discussing the pros and cons of 6 trading tools and concepts used for stop loss placement.


Turtle trader money management

A big part of the success of the Turtle Traders was their money management. See how they did it.


What is a stop loss

Get to know the concept of stop loss orders and how you should treat them.


Compound interest – the Holy Grail

Understanding the impact compound interest can have is important. We show you how to make it work.


Stop loss guide

Everything you need to know about stop loss orders.

Advanced money management

The pros and cons of advanced money management and position sizing techniques.

Money management trick

How to create big, low-risk winning trades with advanced money management.


Risk Management

Measuring performance

How to measure your trading performance and why so many traders get it wrong.


The illusion of control

We explain some of the most important statistical and mathematical concepts when it comes to making trading decisions.


Position sizing

Dynamic position sizing is used by professional traders to reduce their account volatility.


Risk Reward ratio guide

Everything you need to know about the reward:risk ratio and how to use it.


Become a risk manager

Being a trader means that you are in the business of managing risk. This is how to manage risk effectively.


Math cheat sheet

Math is boring and hard. That’s why we made the math cheat sheet for trader with the most important concepts.


How to stack orders

Stacking orders is a great way to scale in a trade.


Complete math guide

Our complete math guide for traders explains the most important math concepts for traders.


10 losers are normal

How many losers in a row can you expect and why shouldn’t you change your method after 10 losses!?

Tips for take profit orders

Tips and techniques on how to set take profit orders.



Trading Journal

5 free trading tools

Watchlist, Trading Plan, Emotions and Math Cheat Sheet and more. Download our free tools here.


Fundamentals 101

Even if you are a technical trader, you need a basic understanding of fundamentals.


A journal as your personal mentor

A trading journal is not just a place to store data but it’s your daily mentor.


Best trading books

A large collection of the best trading books. Including some off-topic suggestions.


Fundamentals and price action

How to combine fundamental and price action trading in a meaningful way.


Professional trading journal

A trading journal is THE most important tool for any serious trader.


3 free trading ebooks

We compiled our best articles into 3 ebooks and offer them as a free download.

Follow the smart money – 4 fundamental indicators

Tools and indicators that show what the professional traders do.

Tracking trades turns traders into professionals

The habit of tracking trades changes the mindset of traders.


Using a watchlist

How to prepare the best watchlist every week.


What does a strong US-Dollar mean for other asset classes?

A discussion of how the Dollar influences other markets.

How To Improve As A Trader

What are the skills and character traits needed as a trader?


Trading plan template

A trading plan is an important tool to structure your trading day. Get our free template.


Turn your system into a winner

Stop system-hopping and learn how to turn your current system into a winning one.


Complete trading video collection

Free online courses, trading interviews, webinars and much more.

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