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We have a combined trading experience of 20 years. 6 years ago we quit our corporate jobs to trade online and travel the world.

We at Tradeciety stand for the highest quality, powerful trading strategies and online trading courses that work for everyone.

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What Do You Want To Learn?

Do you want to learn our powerful strategies, get our weekly setups or work on your mindset?

We have the right solution for every trader.


Forex & Futures Strategies

In our premium Forex & Futures online course, you learn our trading strategies step by step and you also get access to the member forum where you can talk to us.

Bonus: Every week, you get a new video with the best setups for the Forex & Futures market.


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Stocks Trading Strategy

Here, you learn to trade any stock market from all around the world. No extra scanners or software needed! Learn how to reliably find the best swing trades week after week.

Bonus: Get the best setups from the US market every week! 


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14 Indicator Systems

If you want to learn how to trade using the best indicator systems, this is for you! We share the 14 best indicator strategies, what the best settings are and how to combine the indicators. 


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Trading Mindset Course

Trading psychology, being able to manage your emotions and staying disciplined are very important when you want to become a professional trader.

Over 5 months, we share 20 powerful lessons with practical workbooks and weekly challenges to turn you into a trading master.


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Trend Rider Indicator

The Trend Rider is a ready-to-use MetaTrader 4 indicator system. Install it on your computer and start hunting the best trend trades across all Forex pairs, commodities and even cryptos. Works for all timeframes!


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Algo trading

Learn how to develop, test, improve and trade the perfect algorithmic strategies in our in-depth algo video course. 

In the end, you will have multiple powerful algos running in your portfolio – just like a algo hedge fund manager!


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Get certified: CTT – Certified Technical Trader

After completing our online trading courses, passing the final exam and verifying that you have acquired the advanced knowledge about technical analysis, price action and other trading principles, you will receive the official CTT Certified Technical Trader certificate.

This certificate demonstrates the expertise in technical analysis and price action trading based on our curriculum.

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Student Reviews

“This year is really fulfilling.. can’t say enough thanks to this forum… I’m on the long road to collect consistency… may I collect my dues as I keep putting in my blood and sweat! Wish me luck! Wish all of us success!”

Lin is one of our premium course students

“I am really proud of my results again. Can’t even remember my last negative week. What is amazing because last years at this time I could not remember my positive weeks.”

Frederik, one of our first premium students

“I have to say again thx for the opportunity given I think I would have stayed on the ground and quit if I did not had your course”

Bart is a premium course student

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