Best Indicator Strategies Course




14 Strategies

13 videos with over 14 new indicator strategies. Learn how to combine and use the most powerful indicator signals.

Step By Step

 Learn step by step how to time trades, when to enter, how to set stops, when to exit and much more.

We share the best indicator settings for each setup and combination!

No Lag

You learn how to trade without lag and how to find the best indicator strategy signals.

Trend, Reversal & Breakout Strategies

In order for you to master all market phases, you learn to trade different strategies. Ride trends for hundreds of pips, trade powerful reversals and learn how to trade the best, explosive breakout.

You can use the strategies to trade all the markets (all Forex pairs, all CFDs and Cryptocurrencies) on all timeframes!



Learn to use momentum indicators like the Ichimoku Cloud, Moving Average Fans, MACD histograms and more to get into the best trends. 

Also, you get multiple pullback strategies and, thus, learn to re-enter into existing trends.


The course includes breakout strategies using the Donchian Channel and a fast 2-period RSI.

Breakouts often lead to new trends and you learn to catch those early.


The course comes with various rejection and reversal strategies using Pivot points and Bollinger Bands.

Those strategies build the third pillar and add an important building block to your strategy toolbox.

Course Overview

We use conventional trading indicators and combine them in a new way in order to receive the most powerful trading signals and create robust trading strategies.

We reduce lag, improve trade quality and make the life of the traders easier by applying the best indicator signals together and, therefore, create multiple indicator strategies that can be used in all market environments.

Everything You Need!

We share the exact settings for each indicator and we tell you what the best indicator combinations are.

Each strategy includes step by step trade examples, lengthy chart discussion and trading tips.

Everything from the best entries, the best settings, how to place stops, and when to exit trades.



What you’ll get:

  • Instant access to the video course
  • Written trade examples and chart discussion
  • 14 indicator strategies
  • See exactly which combination and which setting works best!
  • One-time payment! No ongoing fees!


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