The best trading resources

The Best Trading Resources  


To help you sift through the thousands of websites, offers and tools available for traders, we put together a resources list with the most helpful tools and websites for traders.

The Trading Education – Our Courses

We build a complete step by step trader education and in our trading courses you will learn our exact trading strategies, how to find the best trades, I provide the best setups every week and you join a powerful trading community.

Questions? You can send me an email directly to [email protected]

The Broker
Of course, the broker choice is an important one so let’s start here.

When it comes to reliable and high-quality brokers, we recommend IC Markets. IC Markets is well regulated in Australia, they offer segregation of client funds, they offer a wide range of Forex pairs and CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies and commodities.


Get their free demo account: IC Markets

A Trading Journal

Every trader should have a trading journal where you record your trades, analyze your behavior, store your screenshots and it helps you grow as a trader.

Edgewonk is the #1 trading journal on the market, used by professionals and regular traders.


More: Edgewonk trading journal

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Trading Strategy Webinar

I am Rolf and I am one of the head traders at with over 17 years of total trading experience and 11 years in the Forex market.

I put together a webinar about my trading strategy, how I view charts and I also share important trading tips that I have picked up over the years.

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