Forex Beginner Trading Course

Part 3: Candlestick Patterns

In this third part, you will get an introduction into chart patterns and we explore the 3 most commonly used candlestick patterns.

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Part 3: Candlestick Patterns


0:00 – 8:34      Powerful chart patterns

8:34 – 15:45     Candlestick trading introduction

15:45 – 29:40  The Pinbar candlestick

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29:40 – 43:18  The Engulfing candlestick

43:18 – 54:45 The Doji candlestick

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Pure Price Action Strategies

Markets: Forex, Crypto, Futures, Commodities

Level: Beginner – Advanced


Learn to read, understand and trade the pure price action flow. The 9+ setups and strategies use nothing but pure price action. 

Bonus: Every week, you get 2 videos with the best setups for the Forex, Crypto & Futures market.



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Stocks Trading Strategies

Markets: Stocks

Level: Beginner – Advanced


Here, you learn to trade any stock market from all around the world. No extra scanners or software needed! Learn how to reliably find the best swing trades week after week.

Bonus: Get the best setups from the US market every week! 


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Supply & Demand Secrets Unlocked

Markets: Forex, Crypto, Futures, Commodities

Level: Beginner – Advanced


Learn to trade and think like an institutional trader. How do the big players move the market, where do they get into trades and how can you profit from it!? The supply & demand course provides ready-to-use professional trading strategies.


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Trading Psychology Course

Markets: All markets

Level: Beginner – Advanced


Trading psychology, being able to manage your emotions and staying disciplined are very important when you want to become a professional trader.

Over 5 months, we share 20 powerful lessons with practical workbooks and weekly challenges to turn you into a trading master.


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14 Best Indicator Strategies

Markets: Forex, Futures, Commodities

Level: Beginner – Advanced


If you want to learn how to trade using the best indicator systems, this is for you! We share the 14 best indicator strategies, what the best settings are and how to combine the indicators. 


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Heiken Ashi Day Trading System

Markets: Forex, Crypto, Futures, Commodities

Level: Beginner – Advanced


Learn to trade a Heiken Ashi day trading system on the 5min and 15min timeframes. Get up to 5 trades per day and learn to trade the way of the samurai.


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