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This is a collection of reviews and feedback traders sent us.

After 2 weeks in our pro course and the private forum, Robin has seen a 20% increase in his capital. This is just the start and we’re looking forward to working with him over the next months to help him even further.



This is the equity graph from one of our students. His trading was completely transformed and his profitability increases from week to week.



This is a private message we received from one trader thanking us for our lessons after he found some great trades.



When a trader asked what our students thought about our trading course, those are some of the answers they gave.


Below you see an equity graph from a pro student. He joined Tradeciety Pro after trade #60 and after a short learning phase, he has been profitable for a few months now.


A message from a pro student who has been consistently profitable for 2 months straight:



A message from one of our pro students:


Hi Rolf,

Just want to again thank you for like the 100th time. bought Edgewonk a few weeks ago and I can see how much potential this progam has to help me.

Before I got your pro course I was breaking even for months but telling myself I was a good trader. Then I had a few bad weeks in a row and purchased your course. Ever since then I have never looked back, I’m so happy and I have been profitable for 3 consecutive months now and I want to thank you again.


One of our pro students posted his weekly review and after weeks of struggle, he was able to have a very profitable week with 5 winners out of 5 trades. Now we will help him establish the consistency in his trading in our pro forum.

David is one of our pro members who send me this email:

This is a post one of our pro members made in our forum. He has been a member for a few months and he turned his trading completely around:

Matthew is another of our pro members who has improved his trading and is now looking to make the next step:


Keith is a pro member and he posted a porfitable week. It took him a few weeks to transform his trading but we is well in his way now:


Hi is another pro member who has been consistently winning for weeks with our strategy. This week, he only had winning trades:



She is one of our daytrading traders and is now seeing profitable consisytency for weeks:

Sergey from Seattle, US (forum message):
I like the course, I would rename it as ‘Practical course for profitable trading’. Finally I see that it will help me to jump from paper trading to real account and by some time in future became a profitable trader.


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