Complete trading strategies + weekly setups + ongoing mentoring


$ 897
$ 497

Step by step trading strategies
Swing-trading and day-trading strategies included

Works for all timeframes (Daily, 4H, 1H, 15min and 5 minutes)
Only 30 – 60 minutes per day needed
We share the best setups every week

Private community with private forum
Daily mentoring with us in the forum

Also applicable to Futures trading
We review trades and help you daily

One-time payment. No monthly fees.

(one-time payment. No recurring fees)


$ 799
$ 497

Swing breakout-trend trading strategies (4H, daily, weekly, monthly timeframe)
For all stock markets

Long and short trading
No additional software, programs or scanners needed
You only need 30 minutes / 1 hour per day
Get the best setups every week

Private community with private forum
Daily mentoring with us in the forum

We review trades and help you daily

One-time payment. No monthly fees.

(one-time payment. No recurring fees)

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Our Profitability Road-Map

No Experience Required. Optimized For All Types Of Traders.

You get lifetime access so you can take your time.
We don't feed you signals but we help you understand the markets and find setups.
Your all-in-one trading education with powerful trading systems, weekly market updates and ongoing mentoring.

Profitable Stories From Our Students

Some Statistics:

804 students joined | 17,000+ forum posts written | 90,000 video plays

“I joined your Trading Academy 2 weeks ago. I just made 20% increase on my account since last week. This is unbelievable as I have been breaking even for so long.”

Robin is one of our premium course students

Below you see an equity graph from one of our premium course students.


“I have been consistently profitable every week for the last 2 months and I finally feel like I get it.”

– A private message from a premium student in our forum

“Your course and website have been life-changing. I can honestly say this is a huge turning point for my trading career and I’ve finally got hope back. I can now see myself quitting my job within the next 2-3 years. ”

David is a premium course student

Common Questions

Ongoing support and unlimited course access


Once you have joined, you get unlimited access to the membership you signed up for and to our video course and support in the forum. There are no ongoing costs.

How much time do I need?


Most of our students have a regular job and don’t have much time to dedicate towards trading.

Our trading strategies work well even if you have limited time.

Are you helping your students?


Yes, we are active ourselves in the forum every day.

We answer all questions ourselves because we truly care.

Tradeciety is different from other trading sites and our students benefit from our hands-on, dedicated and personal approach.

Do I get your weekly setups?


Every weekend, we upload a new video with the best setups and potential trades to the forum.

I am new. Do I need experience?


You don’t need any experience. We start with the basics and then move on to more advanced concepts, explaining our complete strategies step by step.

Are there any other costs?


There are no hidden costs, extra charges or recurring fees.

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