Quitting university to become a trader?

Quitting university to become a trader?

If you contemplate quitting university or college because you want to become a trader, this is for you!

I can relate to this question a lot because I was in the same situation 10 years ago. I was completely absorbed by the trading bug and ready to quit my university because I wanted to “focus on my trading” and become a millionaire, instead of studying theoretical things that I probably were not going to use anyway.

However, I believe it is a very bad idea to quit university for various reasons. If I hadn’t completed my studies, I would not be where I am today. I can say that university, even though I never really used the things I learned, helped me become successful.

If you want to know the full story, make sure to watch the video below:

You can also find the audio of the video in our podcast in episode 35 1/2 : Traders Improved Podcast

What is your opinion and do you struggle with the same questions? You can leave a comment below and we can discuss it!

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  • Ryan Birtman

    Great words, many thinks trading is the solution and its the easy way.

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