Stocks Trading Course

31 video lessons

Learn exact entry signals

Stress-free swing trading

Trade timing with stops and targets

Works on all international stock markets

Learn to find the best trades

Our strategies perform well in any situation

Stocks Swing Trading Strategy


Trade Any Stock Market From Around The World

Performance – Consistent Results

The graph shows the actual performance of the setups that we provide in our weekly watchlist videos.

You can follow the setups from us to learn how to trade successfully.

Every week, all our students receive a video with the best trading opportunities.


Swing Trading

Learn to stress-free swing trade the stock markets from around the world.

Get the greatest profits on the higher timeframes.

Best Setups

You learn over 10 patterns to find the best trades every week.

Plus, we provide a new video every weekend with our top setups!


Learn to read the flow of the stock market.

And also master volume, liquidity and supply/demand techniques.





R.A.R.E Swing Trading Strategies

Learn to stress-free trade the stock market as a swing trader.

You will learn the best setups and how to find the highest probability trades.

Learn how supply/demand, volume and liquidity help you find trades.

Get exact rules and signals for finding great trades week after week.

Our Strategy Works For All Stock Markets

Africa (all markets and all countries)

Asia (all Asian countries)




EU-wide region





South Africa

South America (all markets)


United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States

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Trading Strategies & Video Course

31 video lessons

10+ patterns and setups

Advanced price action and chart reading

Complete trading strategies

Entries, exits, stops and management

Trade timing like a pro

Volume, liqudity & supply/demand



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