Trade like an institutional trader

Step-By-Step Course


Supply and demand levels/zones are created when big players (institutions, funds, banks, governments etc) build their positions. The big players leave clues on the charts that we can pick up and then trade with the players who move the markets.

In this course, you learn how to anticipate institutional trading and trade with the big players.

You learn complete trading methods from entry planning, how to get into trades, where to put stops/targets and how to manage a trade.


The system works on all Forex pairs, for all Futures, indices and commodities.


This course is for intermediate traders. We do not repeat the absolute basics about what a pip is, how to buy or sell, etc.

We get right into the charts and learn how to think and trade like a big player and like institutional traders.


You can apply this strategy on the 15min, 30min, 1H, 4H and Daily timeframe

The course goes through all different timeframes and provides many trade studies for all timeframes.

Advanced Concepts

The course includes more than 20 videos and lessons that explain all the details about supply and demand trading.

But besides the general theory that is behind institutional supply and demand trading, you will also learn advanced concepts such as:

  • How to profit from liquidity hunting
  • Where to find supply pockets on your charts
  • How to use stop loss fishing
  • When it is time to trade demand pullbacks
  • How to trade demand spikes
  • How to place stops, targets and manage trades
  • How to deal with news and size your positions
  • and much more…

Lesson 1: Preview

Below you can watch the first lesson which is a preview of what to expect, the topics we are going to cover and much more:

Complete Course Outline

Each lesson comes with a video that you can watch online at any time. You get unlimited access and there are no monthly fees.

Below each lesson, you find a text-based explanation of all the concepts and dozens of trade studies to deepen your understanding.

During the foundation you learn about the theory behind supply/demand, what drives the market, how the big players trade and what makes a good supply/demand zone a good one.

The topics we cover in the second section are:

  • Supply/Demand as a leading tool
  • Entry triggers for trade timing
  • Multi timeframe analysis
  • Setting stops, targets and trade management
  • How to deal with news

In this section, we really get into the mindset of an institutional trader and we learn exactly how the big players trade:

  • What is stop and liquidity hunting
  • How to profit from liquidity hunting
  • How to trade supply/demand pullbacks
  • When stop fishing and manipulation happens
  • How to trade supply/demand pockets
  • How to trade supply/demand spikes into liquidity pockets

The final section prepares traders to become independent and self-sufficient:

  • How to prepare your trades
  • What does my trading routine look like
  • Risk management 101
  • Strategy design
  • Correlations and risk
  • Create your trading business plan
  • Treat trading like a business

Start Your Course

Learn to trade and think like an institutional trader

What you’ll get:

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  • 30+ video lessons
  • Text transcripts with trade studies
  • Learn all setups and a complete trading method
  • Learn to trade and think like an institutional trader
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