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Comments ( 6 )

  • Rolf

    Hi, here is where you can post your questions for the weekly Telegram Q&A session.

    This is completely anonymous. Anything trading related that comes to your mind can be asked 🙂

  • Ajay

    How to develop discipline in trading?

    I’m at a point where I have defined rules but while trading I tend to break those, and do silly mistakes,

  • Matt

    How did you find your learning curve into becoming a profitable trader and what was your leaning curve ?

    Cheers rolf and have a good day

  • Gaurav

    Can we trade and master only 1 pair or say 1 stock and trade for whole year?

  • Kamil

    In your last video “Goals, Trading OPM…” a Chinese lady from cryptocurrency background was mentioned that was underwhelmed with Moritz yearly return rate. Was this meeting difficult for you psychologically and caused you to make trading mistakes in the aftermath, like risking too much etc.? Thank you.

  • Zuko

    Hi Rolf & Moritz

    Thanks for always helping with your many videos, podcasts & the likes. The constant access to your knowledge & experience is truly life changing for us novices. Thank you Thank you.

    My question is about trade management. I really struggle to maximize my winning trades & oddly always seem to close losses at they’re highest point. For example in the last week when I look at my journal since Tuesday 8May I sold xxxchf pair(cad, gbp, eur) & 2 short term sells on EurAud & Gold. This week I went in early on EurNzd GbpNzd & GbpCad; long story short every time I move my stop loss I’ve been stopped out for so little profits only for the trades to have massive runs without me…as they are still running even as I type. I know its unrealized profits but I find now on EurNzd I entered at 600 then it goes up to 850(against my analysis) then I close loss on 2hr on for price to go into profit price 1hr later….leaving me very frustrated. Anyway sorry for the long story. Maybe you could share some tips in your next Q& A.
    Thanks again guys

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