Drag & Drop Volume Profile

It is as easy as that. Drag and drop the volume profile indicator around your MetaTrader 4 charts and the profile updates itself in real-time.

Multiple Volume Profiles

You can add as many volume profile studies into your charts and, thus, analyze the market buyer and seller distribution and the volume relationship in-depth.

Does volume work in Forex trading?

Although there is no centralized Forex market and, thus, no absolute volume number, we can still make use of volume analysis in Forex. 

There are brokers out there (we recommend IC Markets or FxPro) *  who use the “major” players as their liquidity providers. Those include the largest banks in the world and, therefore, the volume those brokers show is a good estimate of the total.

To use volume in Forex, we do not need to know the absolute numbers. We just need to know where the extremes are, when it rises, where falls off and the general development overall. 

Voluminator Volume Profile Suite

As an add-on, you receive the whole Voluminator suite with your volume profile indicator.

The Voluminator suite includes two additional volume-based profiles that can be used with the volume profile to find and time trades.

4 Setups – Mini Course

You receive one PDF with your Voluminator where we explain four but volume-based trading patterns.

You can either use the Voluminator and the volume profile to build your own strategy or learn our setups that come with it.

Included in the PDF are four setups with trade examples and chart studies.

Supply / Demand


With this indicator, you can pinpoint supply and demand trading zones on your charts and then find high probability trading opportunities.

POC Reversal

Identify mean reversion trades by finding unsustainable trending phases and then trade those back to the POC which represents the fair price.


A volume-based breakout strategy can be powerful because you are entering when the market sentiment is shifting. Go with the flow and find trends early.


A volume-based divergence highlights the fact that the trend might be running out of supporters and a top might be near. A volume-based divergence can be more powerful than a price divergence because you can look deep into the candles.


Metatrader 4

The volume profile indicator has been developed for MetaTrader 4 exclusively

Broker: The indicator works with all MetaTrader 4 brokers, and we recommend IC Markets*

All Markets

Developed for Forex, CFD and Crypto. For all timeframes!

Mini Course

With the indicator you get a PDF with a mini course series and 3 volume-based patterns.



Broker: The Voluminator works with all MetaTrader 4 brokers, and we recommend IC Markets or FX Pro *

What you’ll get:

  • Volume profile indicator
  • Complete Voluminator indicator suite
  • MetaTrader 4 compatible
  • PDF manual with step-by-step instructions
  • Installation video
  • Personal license code
  • One-time payment! No ongoing fees!

Starting at $ 247 USD

(VAT for EU-customers might be added)


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